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WrightStories.Com Welcome to your site.  WrightStories.Com was developed to share true stories relating to the Wright Brothers, many from the perspective of one who regularly saw Orville Wright.  With the centennial of man's first manned flight on the near horizon, these reminiscences are particularly timely.  These stories are dedicated to school children, historians - anyone with an interest in or love of adventure, excitement, courage, patience, perseverance, and true history.  We encourage you to share this site and these remarkable true stories about the Wright Brothers and their efforts with the invention of the airplane, as we are sharing them with you, to help preserve a special part of our American heritage.  A new article will appear weekly. Hope you enjoy them! Last Update: 8.27.09.


  Kettering Bug

In 1917, Orville was back in the airplane business after selling the Wright Company in 1915. This time he didnít own the company named the Dayton Wright Airplane Company, rather he served as a technical advisor.

Six Dayton businessmen formed the new company. The president of the new company was Edward Deeds, vice-president and later, president of the NCR Company. The vice- president of the new company was Charles Kettering, the noted inventor. Orville was a good friend of both men.





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